About Impressole

At Impressole, we believe that every shoe deserves a great insole. Most shoes on the market today provide minimal support and marginal comfort when it comes to the insole. We are on a mission to make great insoles at affordable prices in India.

Our Journey

In the past we tried ourselves to find out a great fit product for the Formal dress shoes. We found that the insoles which were factory made provided comfort for few months and wornout easily, end result was imbalance and smelly shoes.
We decided to find the solutions for the same, many manufcaturers were limitied to only producing shoes and were not interested to increase or support long life for the shoes.

So we took the matters in our hands and started looking for the solutions.

With basics from understanding the shoe making process and various materials we finally understood what was the right solutions for our problems.

We came out with IMPRESSOLE our own handcrafted product which was super thin which can fit any shoes and do a remarkable job.
At Impressole we’ve created the perfect balance of performance and comfort in your shoes: pillow-like feel when you want cushioning and a springy response when you’re ready for takeoff.
We tested few with our family and friends and improved the product and design best for the Indian conditions.

Impressoles allow your feet to do more and go farther by combining lightweight performance materials with our revolutionary design; transforming your shoe into a more stable, more comfortable ride.

best leather insoles in india for men
The result is comfort and undeniably beautiful craftsmanship in a pair of unique handmade leather insoles by Impressole.

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